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TMP Not working for subtitles since last update

Hello, when updating AC to 1.80.3, I noticed that dialogue subtitles were no longer working correctly, only displaying what was written in the prefab. It is very easy to reproduce - just make a new project, import the latest version of AC, talk to the sphere in the 3D Sample Scene and the dialogue will be working as expected, then in a custom Menu Manager set the Subtitles Source to Unity UI Prefab and it will still work, but then if you modify the prefab replace the Text components by TMP ones, they won't be updated in game.

I've been working with AC for months with no issue on that front, did something change in one of the last updates ? I can't remember the version I was on before the update, must have been something like 1.80.0 or 1. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this.


  • See the "Upgrade notes" section for v1.80 - there's been a number of important changes in this major release.

    Text Mesh Pro support is now a per-Menu option. Check Use TMPro components? in each Menu's Properties panel to have it refer to TMP.

  • Ah yes, it's working just like before now, thank you very much !

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