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Portrait not show

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Hello! Thank you for good product. I can't find where to turn on protrait and text color showing in dialogs. When I change color text in NPC prefs in dialogs color does not change.


  • You need to update your Menu Manager.  I'd recommend copying the Demo Menu Manager and making changes to the copy - that way you won't lose changes after updating.

    In the Demo's Speech Menu, click SubsLineLabel.  This is the label that displays dialogue text.  Checking the "Per-Character text colour" box will cause it's colour to alter based on the speaking character.

    To show the portrait graphic, you need to create a new Label and set it's "Label type" to "Dialogue Portrait".  Resize and position to suit, and it'll display the portrait graphic of your speaking character.  A full tutorial can be found here.
  • Thank you! I will try it!
  • It is now 2023 and the setup for creating a dialogue portrait is different. I am using Adventure Creator Vers.1.79.0

    Go to AC Game Editor> Menu > Subtitles and add an Element Type of type "Graphic" and change the Graphic Type to "Dialogue Portrait"

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