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Transform Position Detection method not working properly

Hello, here is a video in which I show the current issue with the Transform Position Detection method for triggers :

In short, when using this method on a trigger that is rotated along the Y axis, the collider's boundary aren't properly used, instead the character is detected when entering the right triangle formed by the extremities of the trigger. I realized that the trigger present in the AC UCC demo scene has a Y rotation value of 0, and this makes me think that the issue slipped under the radar because rotated triggers using this method weren't even used or tried.

I really hope this can be fixed, this is no small issue, I can personally use the rigidbody method instead but still, triggers are core component that we expect to work flawlessly. Thanks in advance.


  • A slip, indeed. Thanks for raising the issue, and apologies for the trouble.

    I will look into what can be done about it.

  • A fix will be included in the next release.

    In the meantime, you should be able to apply a temporary fix by opening AC_Trigger.cs, inserting the following at the top of the CheckForPoint function (around line 421):

    if (_collider) return position == _collider.ClosestPoint (position);
  • Hi, thank you, I confirm this fix works, now the triggers work as expected !

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