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Fade a 3D Object

Hi All!

There is a way to fade a 3D objecto, just like the Sprite Fader, but with a 3D object?


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    Affecting transparency in 3D requires custom scripting, as the code itself depends on the material/shader involved.

    What shader does the material use, and what is your render pipeline?

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    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your response!

    My rendering pipeline is the default one that comes with Unity (Built-in Render Pipeline), and the material I'm using is 'Standard/Opaque.' Perhaps I could change it to 'Standard/Transparent,' but I don't currently have an action to execute the transparent (Alpha) value. I was wondering if there's an Action similar to 'Sprite Fader,' but it seems there isn't one available.

    I need an Action, custom Action or Script that can gradually make objects disappear, as I intend to use it for items I've picked up and placed in the inventory. Such a script could prove useful for many other users as well. I am currently using teleport, so they disappear immediately

    Thanks for your help!

  • Thank you very much Chris!

    It worked perfect. I had searched the wiki but couldn't find it. Thank you very much for mentioning it!

  • ...and this is why every time I decide to work on my project, I read the forum posts first. I almost always find something new and/or a better way to perform a task. Thanks.

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