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Black out when initializing prevents AC Motion from working correctly on start in build only

edited August 2023 in Technical Q&A

This is going to sound weird, but please bear with me !

Setting "Black out when initializing" in the settings manager to true causes AC Motion to not successully block player input and movement during cutscenes that are supposed to pause gameplay. Here are the steps to recreate the issue :

-Make a duplicate of the AC_UCC_Demo scene and of the AC-UCC_SettingsManager manager.
-Open the new demo scene, and add a new action list on start. Make it unskippable and make it sure it pauses gameplay. Add a few Dialogue - Play Speech actions in it.
-Drag the new settings manager file in the asset file slot at the top of the Settings panel, and set "Black out when initializing" in "Scene Loading" to true.
-Play the scene and try to move while the dialogue on start is playing. You shouldn't be able to, and neither are you when interacting with the boxing Joe.
-Make a build containing this new demo scene only.
-Run it, and once again try moving while the dialogue on start is playing - you should be able to this time, but not when interacting with the boxing joe, this issue seems limited to the initial action list only.

Hope this is clear enough. This makes me think of this thread about UCC in which we mentioned this specific parameter :

This was spotted in Unity 2022.3.7f1, using the latest versions of both UCC and AC and the AC-UCC integration package. Hope you'll be able to replicate this and find a fix. Thanks in advance, Cheo


  • I'm afraid I'm away from the office at the moment, so I'm not able to test this properly.

    However, try opening up the AC_UCC_Character script and insert the following into line 76:

    ultimateCharacterLocomotion.TryStartAbility (acMotionAbility);

    (Just above the "return" statement)

    Does it then work?

  • Sorry for the late reply, this works perfectly, thank you very much !

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