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Change sprites or textures by language


I am new, Hi everybody!

I am trying to achieve that when selecting a new language, either in the main menu or in a specific scene, some sprite or texture gets modified. For example, I need the game's title to change (it's a PNG displaying a phrase made in Photoshop), or textures showing signs with text. Is this possible? I've searched through the action list editor and read the translation part in the manual, but it only covers text and voices.

Sending you greetings and thanks for the help.


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    I found something that is helpful: However, I'm unsure how to execute it in real-time after changing the language to check and change the sprite. I tried using it on "on variable change" in the scene, but it seems to only affect the game variables I declare and not the language variable. It does work on a hotspot, but I need it to be changed after I switch the language. Is that possible in any way?

    Please excuse me if this is a stupid question

  • I solved it using the custom check language and object visibility in OnStart scene actionlist and in the Menu tab, Options menu, "actionlist when turn off"

  • Welcome to the community, @DREAMWEB.

    That's one way to solve it - another would be to use the Event Runner component, new to v1.78. With this, you can create an "Options / Change language" event - which runs when the game's language is changed - and use it to run an ActionList to make the relevent changes.

  • Hi Chris! Thank you very much!

    I am using v1.77. I didn't know that the Event Runner component existed. I will try it. Thanks!

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