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Figuring out which strings needs to be translated

Let's say I done a translation, and then added some new strings that now needs to be translated. Is there way to only export those strings during "Export text"?

As I understand it, when adding new strings, they get the same translation as the original language. If that's the case, it would be helpful to have an option to only export the untranslated strings (the strings where the current translation differs from the original language). This would still include the strings that actually should be the same in each language, though.

Another way of doing this might be to have a textbox that disables the functionality of duplicating the string for each language during "Gather text", in this case it would be easy for the translator to just sort by text and the strings not yet translated would actually be empty. This would require nothing to be changed in the Export dialog.

Another way might be to have a Created prop in the SpeechLine and select to export only stuff added since a specific date?

Or am I missing some other way? Sorting descending by ID would only works if they are never recycled I guess...



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    It's always good to have options to filter string imports/exports, but when it comes to my own workflow, I usually prefer to deal with this with a CAT tool - for instance, I reimport the entire file in memoQ and let it sort the translation matches. Are you translating directly in Excel?

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    It's true that things can be made easier with a dedicated translation tool, but you raise some good points.

    I'll give this some thought, thanks for the suggestions.

  • @ChrisIceBox Thanks for looking into it!

    @Rairun That's an interesting point, and I don't actually know how the translator will handle things their end. I just verify the CSV file using Excel, and from there, I see no clear way of spotting what has and what hasn't been translated.

  • But it's true, on the AC side of things, imho the best behaviour would be to have empty strings for untranslated content (in which case the primary language would be used as fallback). One thing that can be confusing about AC is that if you write an English line of dialogue, gather text and then change the English string, the other languages will still display the old unchanged string in English, and it will only be updated when you gather text again. I presume this happens because Gather Text copies the source string onto the translation fields.

    Leaving untranslated content as empty strings would help us to deal with the issues @kloot points out as well as the one above. ^

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