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Check animator parameter?

Hiya, :)
I was wondering if it was possible to check animator parameter in AC with actions? I wanted something to happen if the MoveSpeed parameter in the animator goes to 0? I've had a look but i've probably missed something lol

Thank you!


  • You can use this script on the AC wiki to sync an Animator parameter to a Global Variable, and then use the Variable: Check Action to read it.

  • Hi Chris, thanks for that. I've done all of that but the variable is remaining at 0.
    This is my setup

  • Check "Script sets initial value?".

    How are you checking the variable's value? Note that it's value won't be updated in the Variables Manager every frame - only upon request. If you use the "Variable: Check" Action, it should be correct.

  • Hi Chris,

    Can this method also apply on set the animator parameter from a global value.
    E.g. Set the speed of player by a global float

    As I found that the action character: animate can only set the character speed by input a fixed value instead of a parameter.
    Thanks a lot.
  • Yes - it should work both ways.

    You can also remove all references to "OnDownload" in the script to have it only transfer values from the variable to the parameter.

    Again, the link occurs on request - so a parameter will be updated only when you use e.g. Variable: Set to update the variable's value.

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