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Issue with outline on the text in translations

Hi everyone,
AC 1.70.0 + Unity 2019.2.17f1 on a 2d game.

I'm translating my game, but I have this type of issue on the translated text:

In original language (italian) I used <color=red>TEXT and it's all right (all the red words have the black outline). I checked also the translations, and there's the same structure. I can't understand where's the problem (for example on other languages (french and spanish) there is not this issue).

Thank you


  • Sorry I missed another info: on English translation there's only the text in the link with the problem. I have other text with the same structure and are all right. Also with the russian and chinese the issue seems only on few lines but the others are ok.

  • It appears as though the outline itself is there, but red.

    How are you displaying such text? With an AC-sourced menu? Unity UI? TextMesh Pro? If you're using Unity UI, what are the contents of the Text component's Text field?

    What are the actual translated line texts? If you take one of them that's not working properly (e.g. the one in the English screenshot), and paste that into a new Speech Action while the game is in the original language, does that display correctly?

    AC and Unity versions?

  • Hi Chris,
    I'm using AC 1.70.0 + Unity 2019.2.17f1

    To display text I'm using AC sourced menu (subtitles). Here the settings:

    I tried to copy the translated line text on original (I tried with English one, here the text: Let's start with the basics: by holding the down the <color=red>SPACE BAR or clicking the <color=red>ICON AT THE TOP LEFT you can highlight the objects with which you can interact.) but the result is the same as this:

    Thank you.

  • edited March 9

    Though they may not be displaying in the thread, I'm assuming there were closing tags in there as well?

    What if you uncheck Use Character text colour? in the element's properties, and what if you switch to Unity UI? You can find this out quickly by assigning your Menu Manager as Demo_MenuManager, and switching the Subtitles menu's Source to Unity UI Prefab.

  • Hi Chris, there also the closing tags but I can't copy in the thread.

    I unchecked "Use Character text colour?" but nothing happens. Then I tried with Demo_MenuManager and this is the result: (it seems correct)

  • Is the issue consistent? That is, do the same lines always show the same issue, or is it random?

    PM me a .unitypackage of all your Manager asset files, as well as the IDs of a couple of lines that show the issue, and in what language, and I'll attempt a recreation.

  • For example the line I wrote is correct for other translations but not for English. The lines are always the same, fortunately, so I can give you the exact ID. I send you a PM asap. Thank you.

  • Open up AdvGame.cs, and replace line 1762:

    i = startPos + i;


    i = startPos + 1;

    Does that solve it?

  • I'm testing it.

  • Hi Chris, partially solved.
    It solved the lines with the issue in English and German (ID 4241 and ID 4035), but it remains on 2 lines in Chinese (ID 4024 and ID 4035) and 1 in Russian (ID 894).
    It's strange because in other Russian and Chinese lines where I used the same structure with words in red and black outline there's not the issue.

    Only on this 3 lines and the issue is the same:

    They seems to be red with red outline.

    Thank you very much.

  • I'll look into those.

  • OK. Same file, line 1741.

    while (i < text.Length && text.IndexOf ("<color=", i) > 0)

    Set it to:

    while (i < text.Length && text.IndexOf ("<color=", i) >= 0)
  • thank you very much

  • I'll try.

  • Hi Chris, I tried but unfortunately the issue remains on the 3 indicated lines.

  • edited March 11

    It works for me, strangely. I'm using ID 4024 to test with.

    The issue appears to be occur when such text begins with rich text. Does it disappear if you insert a single space " " character before these lines?

  • Hi Chris, solved, thank you very much.
    Adding a single space " " character before lines solved the issue.

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