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Is there an "On Inventory Menu Item Hover" delegate event?

As the title says, is there a delegate that triggers when the player changes the item being hovered in the inventory menu?


  • Not specifically, but you can hook into the OnMouseOverMenu event - which is triggered when hovering over any menu element - and drill down from there:

    using UnityEngine;
    using AC;
    public class DetectMouseOverItem : MonoBehaviour
        private void OnEnable () { EventManager.OnMouseOverMenu += OnMouseOverMenu; }
        private void OnDisable () { EventManager.OnMouseOverMenu -= OnMouseOverMenu; }
        private void OnMouseOverMenu (Menu menu, MenuElement element, int slot)
            if (element != null && element.title == "InventoryBox")
                MenuInventoryBox inventoryBox = element as MenuInventoryBox;
                InvItem mouseOverItem = inventoryBox.GetItem (slot);
                if (mouseOverItem != null)
                    Debug.Log ("Mouse-over " + mouseOverItem.label);
  • edited February 24

    That's cool! Thanks.

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