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Using script to get a list of Objectives

I would like to use scripting to get the full list of Objectives titles or descriptions. But when I use it gives something like PersistentEngine.

What is the correct script to get an array or list of the Objectives? Or more specific incompleted Objectives?



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    KickStarter.runtimeObjectives refers to the RuntimeObjectives component - which is where Objective data is stored, not the Objectives directly themselves. See the front page of the Scripting Guide for details.

    See the link above for a full list of available functions. To get an array of Active (i.e. started, but not Completed or Failed) Objectives, you can use the GetObjectives function:

    ObjectiveInstance[] activeObjectiveInstances = KickStarter.runtimeObjectives.GetObjectives (ObjectiveStateType.Active);

    (You can place using AC; at the top of the script to avoid having to start everything with "AC.")

    This will return an array of the ObjectiveInstance class. This has a reference to the original Objective class, which has functions to get the title and description in a given language:

    foreach (ObjectiveInstance activeObjectiveInstance in activeObjectiveInstances)
        Objective activeObjective = activeObjectiveInstance.Objective;
        int currentLanguage = Options.GetLanguage ();
        string title = activeObjective.GetTitle (currentLanguage);
        string description = activeObjective.GetDescription (currentLanguage);
  • Thank you.

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