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First Person Camera - Animation Controller


I have a little problem, I started to set my animation controller in FPS mode to my Player. I try to set the movement direction parameter at my controller, but I'm missing it from the Player/Mecanim Parameters. I would like to set that, if I walk left -> walking left animation, walk right -> walking right animation, walk diagonally left -> other animation I couldn't find the direction parameter. Maybe i'm a little bit starter in this area of the AC. So if somebody has a good comment/help, please help me! Thank you!:)


  • You're referring to strafing animations, I take it.

    See this page in the AC wiki:

  • Ohh yes, I thought for it exactly, I'm glad for this extension.:))) Thank you!

    I would have an other question: I make an adventure game now (mostly with Third Person Controller), and I have swimming area. I know I should change character controller when I'm in the water. Can you give me please some advice, how should I set that, my character stays on water's surface when swimming and when it goes underwater?

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    Typically you use Animator parameters (e.g. Bool) in your Controller, coupled with transitions, to determine which Animations get run.

    For example, an "Is underwater" bool parameter would be used to cause "swimming" animations to play when true, and regular idle/walk animations when false.

    This isn't specific to AC, though. This kind of topic is covered in detail on the Unity forums. However, you can use AC's Character: Animate Action to change parameter values when e.g. entering a Trigger.

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