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Advice on creating Visual Novel style conversation

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Hi there folks. I'm new here, but I've been lurking for a while and have been learning a lot from the forum.

I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to replicate this style of conversation when speaking with characters.

I can seem to figure out an "out of the box" method using Adventure Creator, but perhaps I'm missing something. I'm not super code savvy, so I was hoping for a simple enough solution, but any advice you can offer would be of great help.



  • Welcome to the community, @DoomCube.

    You're looking to re-style your Subtitles menu to be more like the above? This can be done using Unity UI and portrait graphics.

    Using Unity UI gives you much more flexibility over a menu's appearance than the "Adventure Creator" source option. A tutorial on using Unity UI with AC can be found here.

    The default Subtitles menu has two Label elements - one for the speech text itself, and one for the character's name. It should be possible to take the default SubtitlesUI prefab, and re-style it with different fonts for both labels, a border, etc. All this would be done without AC, though - just Unity UI and (optionally) TextMeshPro.

    For the portrait graphic: such a texture can be assigned at the bottom of a character's Inspector. To display it as they speak, you then just need to create a new Graphic element in your Subtitles menu, and set its Graphic type field to Dialogue Portrait.

    A tutorial on this can be found here, though it applies to an AC-sourced menu. To rely on Unity UI, just add an Image component to your UI prefab, and hook it up to the Graphic element in the Menu Manager following the same steps in the first tutorial link.

  • Thanks @ChrisIceBox

    I'll take a look at that method and see if I can figure it out. Cheers!

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