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Forbidding conversations to be skipped

Hello, when the conversation choice UI is up, it can be skipped by the InteractionB button (at least this is what happens in my case). Is there a way to make the conversation UI unskippable? Thanks.


  • A Conversation shouldn't be skippable - only the responses.

    Please share more details, including version numbers. Is your Conversation timed? Are options overridden in the ActionList, and is this ActionList (or are any other running at the time) have "Is skippable?" checked? And does unchecking this change this behaviour?

    Is there anything else mapped to the same key as "InteractionB"?

  • Oh you are right, I mapped the InteractionB button also to the EndConversation button. Thanks for the help.

  • But is it normal that both InteractionA & InteractionB buttons can be used to make conversation choices? As this is how my game behaves.

  • If it's an AC-sourced menu, then yes. If it uses Unity UI, then it'll be triggered via the Submit button.

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