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Actionlist with parameters of local variable

Hi, I am using actionlist with parameters but facing a problem.
I have set local variable parameter but can't fill in actionlist. Am I getting something wrong?
Instead, I can fill global variable parameter only. Any help?


  • I'm not clear what you mean. Can you share screenshots and AC/Unity version numbers?

    Local variable parameters should be valid in Variable actions (e.g. Variable: Source) so long as you set the Action's Source field to Local.

  • Hi Chirs,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I am using the actionlist in asset.
    I create the parameters in inspector.
    But I found that only global parameter can be filled in actions.
    Once I change the parameter type to local, the field in action is gone.
    My Unity version is 2019.3.0a7, AC version is 1.67.5
    Any help? Thanks.

  • The link for screenshot, thanks.

  • Local variables cannot be used in ActionList assets, but component variables can.

    Are you able to upgrade? v1.68.0 introduced component variables, which are variables that can be attached to GameObject in the scene. These too can be parameterised in ActionLists assets.

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