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Black Feather Forest



  • I forgot that most of the really early adventure games didn't have the clickable walkable areas until you reminded me of it with this game. I guess there is no real reason to have it unless you want to makes the scenes bigger by having them scroll.

    One thing I would change is the opening scene. I had no idea who that guy was in the beginning and yet I was being asked to make dialogue decision for which there was no clear context for. I didn't know what was a lie and what was the truth. I think it would have been better if it just played that part out on its own.

    But I like the graphics and the story is interesting. Keep working on it, I look forward to seeing the completed game.
  • Weirdly Google Chrome (v36 on win 8.1 ) blocks me from downloading the demo; claims it is malicious :(
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    I've heard that before - Chrome has gotten pretty agressive in blocking stuff... Here's a guide how to disable it.

    By the way, the new demo is done :) Content-wise not a lot has changed, it's mostly polish on GUI and dialogue, additional animations, new music and bug fixes, but if you want to take a look, grab it here!
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    At 1280x720 (only choice) the screen was squeezed horizontally. It looks good otherwise, really be interested
    in a tutorial, maybe Chris could do one. This format could be used for non-games, like slide shows, etc. Was
    it complicated to figure out the Dialog System part?
  • Are you playing on a netbook or an old PC? At a desktop resolution other than 16:9? I've locked off all aspect ratios except that one, since that's what the game is designed for, but I don't know how that behaves on non-16:9 monitors. I've enabled Force Aspect Ratio for the next release, maybe that helps.

    The Dialogue System was actually pretty easy to set up. I did have to dive into the extensive manual, but about a week before a deadline I needed a new system to do conversations and ended up with this, learnt it in an afternoon and made it work, so it can't be that hard :)
  • Oh! The USER has to change resolutions!  All of my monitors are 4:3 aspect ratio.

    The monitor it runs on is usually 1280x1024. I noticed there's no
    way to quit besides clicking the icon and 'close window'?
  • Yep I think it auto selects the closest native resolution. If it's 4:3 that must be pretty squashed yeah ha. Now that I force the aspect ratio on the backgrounds it should be fairly okay.

    You can quit the game by tapping Esc and selecting QUIT.
  • I really liked it :) very polished I thought and shows good promise. I am also old enough to remember when this would have been cutting edge, so really exciting to see games like this by mostly one person. (thanks chris too)

    The only thing I would say at this stage is that Sofia checking her phone so often really wound me up! might be better to have her standing there not doing anything that that?
  • This looks really good, now I want to play more! Well done!
  • Beautiful Artwork!

    Looking forward to seeing the demo

  • Hey guys! Just letting you know the demo is down :(

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