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Crash while changing a scene

Unity version : 2017.3.1f1
AC version: 1.60.4

Hi there, I'm not sure if this is a thing other have encounter, however in my case I made a release for a game and 1/4 of people playing it (which is around 30 people) say that from time to time the game crashes when changing the scene or is stuck on a black screen. However it's not a rule. They said that some time they were able to go into those scenes some other times they don't
Does any of you know what could be it, because I personally can't think of a thing that could cause this. 

Each of my scene is loaded in the same way, by creating an action type Scene > Switch and then pass the name of the scene.
When starting a new scene there is an OnStart action which takes into account a certain variable called GameStatus so I can know at what point I'm in the game. 

Thank you!


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    Sorry, but we'll need more than that to address it - there's nothing here that indicates what it might be.

    Are you able to recreate it yourself?  On what platforms are people encountering the issue?

    Unity has error logs that are saved to people's PCs when playing - they may help to point the way.

    You are using an old version of AC - are you able to upgrade?  Even if it's in a test/backup project, we'll need to know if this is an issue that's already been fixed.
  • To piggyback on to what @ChrisIceBox is saying, I've had something similar to this happen on MacOSX from time to time.  To test things, I started building in 64-bit instead of x86 and that fixed it.  Apparently, I was running into a known Unity + MacOSX display issue that they've yet to completely fix.

    I also built using the Universal setting and that also fixed you might want to avoid using standard x86 and see if that clears it up.

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