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A suggestion

edited December 2017 in Engine development
ChrisIceBox ,
I have a very useful suggestion. Adventure creator's menus are the best I even use them more then unity UI because its well organized and smooth, but as you said before its basic. I still would chose them over unity UI, but there is just one small thing if you could change it in the the future update I would strongly appreciate it.. the thing is whenever you navigate through the menu using Keyboard or controller the "up and left" buttons go up and the "down and right" buttons go down. 

It would be more smoother if its like this:


That is the only reason I use Unity UI otherwise adventure creator is much better. 
and I tried fixing the issue myself here :


but I couldn't lol. 
So, do you think this can be done? or it wont work for some reasons? 

Thanks in advance! 


  • A small thing on paper, but it's a very complicated area, to be sure.  The "philosophy" of AC's menu system over Unity UI is that it is easier to work with at the cost of being less flexible - so once you start adding more options to emulate Unity UI behaviour you might as well just switch over to that mode anyway.

    I still maintain that Unity UI is best for "production" while AC is best for "rapid prototyping", but I will definitely give this some thought and see if it can be a bit smarter. 
  • Sounds wonderful! Thank you for taking in my suggestion. I will patiently be waiting for it! 

    Have a good day! 

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