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The House on Holland Hill [released]

Hey guys!

I've started a bunch of games using AC over the years, but a lot are quite big so I haven't had the chance to post in here very often. But last weekend I finished up a two-week gamejam, and I used AC to make it!

It's a short-ish interactive thriller about a pizza delivery guy and the house he delivers to. Through a series of vignettes you get to experience a chapter in the life of the residents.

Using AC for this project was really great because once I had set up the basics in an afternoon, it was pretty much just using all those bits together like lego pieces in different combinations to form all the scenes. Very easy to work with, and a few times where I was like "man this specific thing would be really cool to do here" and I was surprised that AC had a feature for that! I just gotta figure out how to get saving to work right, but other than that I'm very pleased that AC lets me work so quickly from start to finish.



  • Hey hedgefield!

    I've just played it all and LOVED it. What a wonderful and simple idea yet so engaging.

    Are there alternative endings at all?
  • Thanks! There are four discrete endings, although they aren't shockingly different. You can run away with the girl, run away after visiting the cellar, mess up and die, or get the 'good' ending.
  • Hey Hedgefield- I tried to play a build of this a while back and it freaked out just after launching- I had to restart my whole computer. I'm running a pretty old machine though I guess- iMac 2009 OS 10.10.3

    Not sure if it was just my computer or not. My brother ran it at around Christmas time and had no problem.

    If you want I can try it again and see if I have the same issue.

  • edited March 2017
    Hey pistola, thanks for reporting, that sound very weird. In what way did the computer freak out? Black screen? Freeze? Any errors? I'm not sure I have player logging enabled in that build - could you look in ~/Library/Logs/Unity/ for a file called Player.log? If it's not there, player logging probably isn't enabled, maybe I'll upload a debug build with that capability then and send you the link to it.
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