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Trouble getting firstperson controller to face object

Hey there,

I've been working with the first-person direct control setup for a project in AC, but I'm having a bit of trouble wrangling the camera.

The game is released, you can download it from, that might help to visualize what I mean.

So, when the game boots up (or I start a scene in the editor), the player spawns neatly on the PlayerStart and faces the same direction (-32 on the Y axis). But if I then, say, turn to -180Y and go to scene 2, the camera/player starts scene 2 still looking at -180Y, it doesn't copy the PlayerStart rotation anymore. Could be because the mouselook script has taken over at that point? But I want the player to face the same direction at every scene start (-32Y in this case). It seems to ignore the PlayerStart rotation in every subsequent scene. I made sure that it is added to each scene's default playerstart slot, but no dice.

So I tried using Object: Face Object in the OnStart cutscene, which works - until the action is completed. Then the camera snaps right back to where it was looking before. Camera: Switch doesn't do much either. Object: Transform on the player or the camera doesn't work either. I can't find a way to make the new rotation 'stick', to do a hard reset of which way the player/camera is pointed. Any ideas?


  • Update: I tracked it down to being the third-party mouselook script. I originally used it because the first-person component sensitivity was too jittery, but it seems way better now! I don't know if it's been updated or something to do with Unity that made it improve, but it's pretty great now. Sorry I didn't discover this before posting, you can disregard the topic.
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