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feature request: basic mouse smoothing option for first person

kinda in need of this... I'm getting sporadic camera jerking in first person sometimes with the AC script, and I'd prefer it always stay precise in my game to have a quality feel. It's too noticeable when it doesn't. I'm not sure I can install UFPS at this point (I suspect it would mean making a new player prefab, which would be majorly annoying and make me rework a lot of stuff I think... but maybe it's worth doing if it's by some miracle easy to transplant my project) but also I would kinda hate to have an asset as complicated as UFPS running in the background just for mouse smoothing.

I've looked around and there's some scripts for mouse smoothing/averaging and so forth but I'm all thumbs at putting it in AC's code. If Chris or anyone is interested in adding it please let me know... or if anyone wants to argue that UFPS is worth it and doesn't have any performance hit or break existing projects, I would be interested to hear about that as well.


  • Yes, I'd been considering doing some improvement here myself.  Can't say more than that, but know that I'm looking into it.
  • That's cool man! It's just really tricky to replace my character with anything else because it doesn't use very similar stuff. Like I looked over UFPS and unfortunately it seems to have one version of its prefab that is a character controller, whilst mine is a rigidbody character and using different handling on surprisingly numerous things already.

    So hopefully you can check out mouse input at some point, smoothing and acceleration would be all it needs I think, but otherwise I'll eventually look into getting someone to do it freelance for me if you never have the time for such an addition! Glad to hear you are thinking about it though.
  • I've had great success combining the AC FPS prefab with the mouse smoothing script from Torahorse's first-person drifter controller. I'll post it in the Extending The Editor category soon.
  • @hedgefield, that sounds intriguing. Any more info?
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    @AdventureFan ah right I forgot to mention I ended up stripping that code out because it was causing some issues, and going fully with the AC FPS script. After updating AC to the latest version the smoothing was way better so I didn't really need it anymore either.

    I'm using the values 0.3 for headbob speed, 0.03 for headbob amount, pitch constrained to -60 and 60, and the freelook sensitivity set to 10 and 8.

    I could export the prefab sometime if that would be useful to anyone.
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    Ah, ok. I think it did get somewhat better as well for me... although it still seems like turn speed and precision are exclusive no matter what I do.

    Like at your settings turning will be very slow, precision will be pretty good. If I upped to something like 30, 26, turning is beautifully quick, but tiny movements are screwed up.

    The free aim acceleration setting can change things a little, but it can't fix that basic problem totally... so at some point I might relook at the smoothing idea because it needs to account for the amount of mouse movement the user is doing. I have 'good enough' settings right now though where it's not a major prob just something interesting to think about.
  • @AdventureFan hm yeah maybe the effect differs depending on the scale you're using, or maybe there are other settings I missed that are affecting the sensitivity. You might as well try combining it with the torahhorse prefab then. The problem I had with it was that it would not respect the rotation of the playerstart, but if you can live with that you might have a better time with this script.

    What I did was take the mouselook script from it (you don't need the rest). Attach it to the player prefab, plus another instance of it on the camera object nested under the player prefab (and uncheck the AC FPS component, but don't remove it). Set the one on the player to Mouse X and the camera one to Mouse Y, then use these values for the rest of the variables (same on both components):

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