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Version 1.55: UI improvements, Editor finessing and scene attrubutes

This update brings another wave of bugfixing and all-round stability improvements.  The key points:

UI improvements
The key improvement here is a major fix regarding the way AC-sourced Menus are drawn when the aspect ratio is forced, but the current resolution differs from it.  Previously, Menus would have appeared squashed or stretched, whereas now they'll display correctly.  On the Unity UI side of things, we now have an option (enabled by default) to automatically disable the cursor's influence when a Menu is supposed to be purely keyboard-controlled.

Editor finessing
As the various Manager tabs gets ever-larger, each sub-header within them can now be clicked on to collapse/expand the field beneath.  The ActionList Editor window also gets some minor tweaks: right-clicking output sockets now gives you the option to focus on their connected Action, and the comments of any Action can now be printed in the Console.

Scene attributes
This won't be for everyone, but scenes can now be given attributes that can be read using the new "Scene: Check attribute" Action.  These are like read-only variables that exist across all scenes, but have different values for each scene.  This is generally only going to be useful for projects with dozens of scenes that need e.g. the interface initialised differently depending on what type they are (for example, changing the Movement method for "First Person" scenes, or hiding the Inventory bar for "Close-up" scenes).


  • And the full changelog:

    Upgrade notes
    • Movie clips played on iOS or Android with the “Engine: Play movie clip” Action no longer show playback controls
    • Added: "Scene: Check attribute" Action - use to check attributes of the current scene as defined in the Scene Manager
    • Fixed: Multiple instances of the same being loaded if multiple preload calls are made
    • Fixed: Issues when changing scenes due to a player switch if the scene has been preloaded
    • Fixed: Issue when preloading a scene in another scene’s OnStart Cutscene
    • Added: Animation clip names entered into the "Character: Animate" and "Object: Animate" Actions can now be set with String parameters
    • Added: The "Character: Animate" and "Object: Animate" Actions now support custom animation classes
    • Added: Option to disable mouse input when controlling Unity UI Menus with a keyboard or controller
    • Added: If an aspect ratio is defined in the Settings Manager, borders will appear while previewing Menus in the Game Window
    • Added: DialogList, Crafting and InventoryBox elements can be set to display both icons and text (Unity UI-based Menus only)
    • Fixed: Display issues with Menus when an aspect ratio is enforced but the window's actual aspect ratio is different
    • Fixed: Unity UI-based Inventory Menus not showing selected item’s "Active graphic" if the Menu is keyboard-controlled
    • Fixed: Locked cursor sometimes being visible even when it shouldn’t be
    • Fixed: Display issue when viewing Inventory Manager’s "Crafting" tab when no Inventory items have been defined
    • Fixed: "OnMenuTurnOn" event being called before a Menu’s associated UI Canvas is enabled
    • Fixed: Hotspot labels not always behaving correctly when reacting to Unity UI-based Menus
    • Added: Manager sub-sections can be toggled by clicking each sub-header
    • Added: Option in Settings Manager to output Action comments to Console when run
    • Added: Right-clicking output sockets in the ActionList Editor window gives the option to focus on the connected Action
    • Changed: AC debug logs no longer include a stacktrace when run in the Editor
    • Fixed: Search feature in Actions Manager not covering certain ActionList Assets
    • Fixed: Display issues with "Variable: Pop Up switch" and "ActionList: Run in parallel" Actions in the ActionList Editor window
    • Fixed: Display issues with split-screen cameras when testing in Unity 5.4 Editor
    • Fixed: "Camera: Crossfade" visual glitch when used in conjunction with Linear rendering
    • Fixed: Parallax 2D component having no effect when using 2D Cameras with Perspective projection
    • Added: "EndConversation" to list of available inputs - invoke to end the active Conversation when dialogue options are shown
    • Fixed: New Text ID numbers not starting from zero if "Reset text" is clicked in the Speech Manager
    • Fixed: Playback issue for Player audio that uses Rogo Digital’s LipSync Pro integration for lipsyncing
    • Fixed: String variables not always showing translations when playing in another language
    • Fixed: "Variable: Copy" Action not accounting for variable translations
    • Added: Option to recalculate pathfinding when using the "Object: Teleport" Action to teleport characters
    • Added: Ability to control first-person head-bobbing with either custom scripts or custom animations
    • Added: Ability to resume the last-playing music tracks with the "Sound: Play music" Action if music was manually stopped previously
    • Changed: Movie clips played on iOS or Android with the “Engine: Play movie clip” Action no longer show playback controls
    • Fixed: "Turn float" Mecanim parameter not always updating for First Person or Direct-control driven Players
    • Fixed: "Linked prefab" field for Inventory items not being accessible for the currently-selected item
    • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Unity 5.5 beta

    Happy ACing!

  • Yay! Some good stuff here...
  • This leaves me almost speechless!
    I was requesting "scene attributes" just one week ago. And here they are! Already!!

    Thanks a million, Chris!!!
  • Excellent  . Nice job Chris.
    I appreciate for your hard works
  • Fantastic, thanks!  :)
  • yep, nice stuff :)
  • Very nice update,thanks :)
  • Version 1.55a:
    • Added: Ability to set Menus to appear only while an inventory item is selected
    • Added: Walk and run sounds for Mecanim-based characters can now be changed using the “Character: Animate” Action
    • Added: Option to look at a character’s head when using the “Character: Face object” Action to turn a characters’s head to another character
    • Added: UI improvements to the Active Inputs Editor window
    • Added: Ability to change the Gizmo colour of 2D NavMeshes, Hinge Tracks, Straight Tracks and Curved Tracks
    • Fixed: "Save: Save or load" Action not saving files with the correct label if a translated Variable is used as its basis
    • Fixed: Character Wizard not setting first-person Player prefabs to Mecanim by default
    • Fixed: Connection issues when moving an Action to the front of an ActionList in the ActionList Editor window
  • I get the message "Cannot find translation for Speech line ID '-1' because the text has not been added to the Speech Manager." whenever I run a scene with 1.55a on 5.5.0? I've not done anything to the speech manager, and didn't see the message on 1.53 + 5.4. Doesn't seem to really break anything, but still.
  • @hedgefield: Context?  Please post full details in a new thread.
  • Version 1.55b:
    • Added: Ability to remove the default functionality of mouse clicks when using Mouse And Keyboard input
    • Added: Ability to control free-aim acceleration value for first person movement (user lower values for smoother motion)
    • Added: Performance enhancement when viewing translation text during gameplay
    • Added: OnCompleteSpeechScroll event - called whenever a line of scrolling text has completely finished scrolling
    • Added: OnStartScene event - called whenever a scene begins, unless it is due to loading a save file
    • Added: Minor Editor improvements
    • Changed: The MatchInteractions function Menus.cs has new parameters
    • Changed: The GetLineCustomAudioClip and GetLineCustomLipsyncFile methods have been moved from SpeechManager.cs to RuntimeLanguages.cs
    • Fixed: Translations not updating correctly if a translation file is imported during gameplay
    • Fixed: World-Space Unity UI prefabs set to follow the cursor not doing so correctly
    • Fixed: “Pathfinding update time” having an effect on characters told to ignore it
    • Fixed: Issues with saving changes to 2D NavMesh’s holes during gameplay
    • Fixed: Hotspot label overrides not being included in translations
    • Fixed: Issues with menu element hover sounds
    • Fixed: Compilation issues when building to tvOS
    • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Unity 5.6 beta
  • Thanks Chris . Perfect update .
  • Added: OnStartScene event

    What difference is there between this and an OnStart Cutscene then?

  • This is an scripting event, not an editor option. The event is there to allow coders to easily run code when the scene starts (and remain synchronized with AC). It's not really meant to be a replacement for the OnStart cutscene. This is helpful when doing/adding custom features of your own.
  • Oh ok, thanks.
  • Just to be safe, what is the method for updating the plugin properly please, when working already in a project using an older version?
  • edited January 2017
    I import everything except the References asset as explained in the Manual. And ALWAYS make a backup first ;)
  • Hi, I updated and couldn't find how/where to control the free aim acceleration settings. Does anyone know?
  • @Ukdesigner: See Section 1.6 of the Manual for full details on how to update.

    @tripclaw: Free-aim acceleration will be at the top of the Movement settings panel in the Settings Manager, provided that your Movement method is set to First Person.
  • Version 1.55c:
    • Added: Option for Draggables to maintain their children’s transforms when attaching themselves to Tracks
    • Added: KillDialog function variant to Dialog.cs that kills a specific line of dialogue, as opposed to all
    • Added: Option to “Character: NPC follow” Action for NPC’s target position to be random
    • Added: Ability to set the head-turning speed of 3D characters
    • Added: Warning boxes to top of demo Managers to advise against modifying them
    • Fixed: “First selected element” not always highlighting when a Unity UI-based Menu is turned on
    • Fixed: Issues with speech volumes set with Audio Mixer Groups
    • Fixed: Unity UI canvases rendered in World Space being parented to “_UI” GameObject after a scene change
    • Fixed: Issue when loading First Person games in other scenes
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