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Adventure Creator is being used to make some awesome-looking games! Check out a few of them below, and see more on the showcase forum.

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Lumber Island - That Special Place

"Lumber Island - That Special Place" is a psychedelic first-person horror adventure.

MMB: Old MacDonald Had a Farm

"MMB: Old MacDonald Had a Farm" is a simple adventure game for 1 to 5 year olds. For most of you it may seem very basic, but for me this is a big deal.

My small company Pengu Studios has been running a kids YouTube channel called Merry Music Box for a few years now. I've been wanting to make games for the channel for a long time. I even began making some of the videos in Unreal, thinking it would be an easy thing to convert them into small games. But it was too hard for a non coder like me.

Opera Prima

Opera Prima is a short adventure made in 10 days for the Adventure Jam 2016. Not a single line of coding was needed thanks to this amazing tool!

Faced with the opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience, the player will guide the protagonist in this new experience by choosing the interior monologue, with 5 different endings, some happier than others.

Featuring (public domain) opera music, lush locations and a varied set of characters, the game can be played in both English and Spanish.

Preston Sterling and the Legend of Excalibur

PRESTON STERLING AND THE LEGEND OF EXCALIBUR is an adventure that will transport you into the world of English myths and legends.
Tackle tricky puzzles and enjoy an exciting story, lovable characters and stunning scenes and locations!

PROTOThYPE, a love story

Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, I have a story to tell you.

Answer a question…
Have you ever been in love?
I’m sure that you have.

Now answer another question…
Were you loved back, or has your love been unrequited?

Welcome to PROTOThYPE, a really short game experience that will allow you to discover the tormented love story of a young developer for a classmate.

Saint Kotar

About the game
Saint Kotar is a 2.5D point and click adventure game in development for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The game merges psychological horror narrative and classically inspired point 'n click adventure mechanics with switchable characters. Digitally hand-painted with a distinctive art style that fits the game’s mood, fully voiced and featuring an original eerie soundtrack, Saint Kotar draws inspiration from p&c classics like Broken Sword and Monkey Island, along with the works from horror fiction writers such as H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe.

Simon the Sorcerer - Between Worlds

Between Worlds is the latest installment in the hilarious series from the 90's, Simon the Sorcerer, with a return to its 2D roots and trademark British humour. Simon, now in his mid-thirties, must work together with his opposite from a strangely mirrored world, Simone, to save the day the universe from a magical imbalance - In Technicolor.

SnarfQuest Tales

Made famous as the star of his own "SnarfQuest" comic feature in Dragon Magazine, Larry Elmore's legendary Snarf is back for more adventure in this point-and-click video game from Cellbloc Studios. Come join Snarf as he struggles to defeat dragons and wizards and all that other evil stuff: he needs all the help he can get!

St Christopher's School Lockdown

The St. Christopher's private school, known across the UK for its prestigious staff, its high test results, its generous scholarships and its breathtaking architecture, has been seized by its student body.


Tango is a humorous 2D adventure game set in a world of Tango, featuring music from leading Tango Fusion bands such as Narcotango and Tangothic. Tango lyrics will be referenced in the script, as will the films of Carlos Gardel. The scenarios are real and the story mixes fiction with reality. In "Chapter 1: My beloved Buenos Aires", Carlos is abandoned by his fiancee, faces gambling debts and is no longer the number 1 in Tango. So, he decides to change is life and win back his wife back in Paris - but with no money, and the mafia chasing him.


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