The complete manual

Want to study the full documentation to really know if Adventure Creator's for you? It's yours!

Physics Demo - Source files

Want to see how the Physics Demo was made? Download the full source here.

Tutorial assets: Evil Lair and Wharf

Grab the assets you'll need to follow the 2.5D and 3D tutorial videos.
Working in Unity 4? Try this link instead.

UI template: Nine verbs

A fan of the classic LucasArts games of the 90s? This package recreates the interface, ready for you to use in your own game.

UI template: Walking Dead-style

Prefer a more streamlined interface when solving puzzles? This template is inspired by Telltale's Walking Dead series.

Ultimate FPS Players

Adventure Creator works just fine with Unity's excellent UFPS asset. These pre-made Player prefabs will get you up and running (and jumping, and crouching) in no time.

UI template: Save game screenshots

Having thumbnails to look at is much nicer than reading filenames - with this template, make saving your game a little bit easier on the eye.

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