My first Cutscene: Hello world!

It's traditional in computer programming to demonstrate how to make the most simple program possible: that of displaying the words "Hello world!" on screen.

To display any text on-screen, your game must have a Menu that is designed to display subtitles. Adventure Creator includes two such Menus: one each inside the Demo_MenuManager and Demo2D_MenuManager assets.

So long as one of these assets is set as the Menu Manager, you will be able to view subtitles.

To play a Cutscene, we must be in a Unity scene set up for use with Adventure Creator. While previous tutorials cover this more extensively, in purest terms this is simply a case of going to the Organise scene objects section the Scene Manager:

You have the option of organising the scene with folders or without. Folders are just empty GameObjects that can be used to tidy up the Hierarchy - both options are valid.

To create a new Cutscene, click the Cutscene underneath the Logic list in the Scene Manager.

Rename the Cutscene's to "Hello world" from it's Inspector, and drag it onto the On start Cutscene field in the Scene Manger. This will cause the Cutscene to play when the scene begins.

Cutscenes, like Interactions, Dialogue Options and Triggers, are made up of Actions - or simple commands - that build up to form complex chains. Back in the Cutscene's Inspector, you will have one Action already present. By default, this is the Engine: Pause game Action.

Let's use this Action to create a slight delay before we display our message. Increate the Wait time to 2 seconds.

Create a new Action from the Add new action button below. This will be another Engine: Pause game, but we can change it's type from the Action type selector.

You will be presented with a list of all available Actions, each one designed to perform a different adventure game-related task. Choose Dialogue: Play speech, and the pause Action will be replaced.

We'll make the Player say this line, so check the Player line? checkbox. Notice how the Speaker setting disappears: Actions are designed to de-clutter themselves as you change settings/

In the Line text box, enter "Hello world".

That's it! Test out your Cutscene by playing the scene.

Adventure Creator and this website are copyright Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios

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