Legacy of Svarog

Legacy of Svarog is a story driven, action RPG/adventure game hybrid based on Slavic mythology. You play as either Yaroslav, a veteran of 25 years of constant warfare, or as Vasilisa, an assassin in the service of the Long Arm. In both cases you are sent to secure the frontier region of Kazakrom. The game begins there.

You must upgrade and improve your stronghold in order to be ready for an enemy invasion within the first year from when you begin. Building facilities such as the smithy, the tavern and the library all cost money which can be obtained by searching ruins, completing quests and conquering enemy encampments.

The game features progressive leveling, meaning skills improve as you use them, and a resposive combat system that rewards patience and careful use of strategy.

Choice has real consequence and influences the difficulty of the game as well as recruitment of certain characters.

Flow of the game:

The game takes place over a year. Time passes only when you take actions. No need to worry about a ticking clock. When the game is complete, another cycle becomes available. The player keeps their money, any weapons found, crafting and town progress and loyalty progress for companions. Basically the player keeps everything and starts the story over. The story can change even, because certain coversations and choices are gated by companion loyalty and better, more elegant solutions to problems will be offered if the loyalty is at maximum.

Each day consists of either 3 minor actions or 1 major action. If a minor action is chosen in the morning then the major action is no longer available.

Major actions are:

  • Expeditions - the player travels to an available dungeon/cave/tower etc to reduce the enemy presense there. The expeditions are mainly combat and award money and other resources. Strength type and combat skills will help with these.
  • Investigations - sometimes a monster or enemy spy will commit acts of evil in the town. The player must then investigate the crime scene and determine the source of the damage. Intellect and lore skills will help here.
  • Hunts - when the investigation is successful the hunt becomes available (and replaces the investigation). The player must track down and deal with the source of the disturbance in the town. This typically involves fighting through a dungeon of some sort with the culprit being the boss. Legerdemain, perception and trap disarming skills can help here.
  • Social Missions - the player can choose to spend the day with a companion. This improves the companion loyalty depending on dialogue choices. Loyalty affects story choices and recruitment possibilities. At max loyalty, companions may gain extra perks and teach the player their class bonuses. Dialogue skills and charisma can help here.
  • Stronghold Missions - the player can choose to spend resources to upgrade the town or build a stronghold. For example the player can give money to the smith to upgrade the forge or ask the architect to build city walls or siege platforms. The story requires that the player build a stronghold before the end of the year. The quicker this is done the easier castle defense missions will be.
  • Castle Defense - sometimes monsters or enemy armies will attack the stronghold. The player must place companions and troops at defense points and fight off the enemy. Combat and strategy skills help here as well as upgrading the town guard equipment, building ballistae and catapults and upgrading city walls. Losing these will result in the destruction of a random upgrade and loss of gold due to looting. It also tends to make the leader unpopular with the townsfolk.
  • Story Missions - Unique missions that don't fit into any other category. These can take multiple days to complete. Lost your gold shipment to bandits? Look for it and recover it. These missions can usually be solved either by combat or through conversation. You don't have to complete story missions and instead go hunting or something, but it is strongly recommended. At least for those who enjoy the story.

Minor actions are:

  • Training - go to the training hall (once built) and improve various statistics as well as learn combat techniques.
  • Weapon Maintenance - repair damaged equipment. Freshly maintained equipment gains bonuses in the next mission based on your smithing skill. (once smithy built)
  • Gather Intel - walk around town and listen to rumors or find anomalies. This makes some major missions available. (more missions as town grows)
  • Go Shopping - buy new gear/weapons/armor at the local stores. (once built)
  • Go to tavern - lowers stress. Stress gives penalties to combat performance if it gets too high. Can invite companies for loyalty boost. (once tavern built)
  • Go to library - read books to learn strategy and discover monster weaknesses. (once library built)

Free Action

  • Walk around town - can walk around and look at the town you've built. Doesn't open any new missions and limits NPC dialogue to greetings. Sometimes it's nice to just relax and walk around.

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