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  • Congratulations o:)
  • Ah thank you, that works great.
  • Thanks, i got it mostly working. One problem though, if i'm at a Subtitle node of a conversation it vanishes immediately after playing, even with a [hold] tag. I also have the Speech -> Subtitles option "Display subtitles forever, until the…
  • "OnStart" only plays once when the Game starts, that's not for player input, but when you make a little intro Cutscene or something like that. And a Quicktime event is something else entirely. To hear the Jump every time you'd have to make…
  • Yes, i had already taken that from the older thread, and that works. I'm having a problem with the menus/using it as one menu, because they get called in different instances: Subtitle: "when speech plays" Conversation: "During Conver…
  • put this in
  • you can shake the camera though Actionlist -> Camera -> Shake
  • not in ac just use the first unity link
  • Look at the Manual, page 325, you gather all the text first and can assign custom ones then, if you don't want to use the automatic feature.
  • Of course nothing will happen because the Object is a Prefab in your Folder and present not in your Scene. Put the Object in your scene and update the reference in your actionlist, and try it again. Logically you have to consider, that you are add…
  • Oh, i've got it working, i just needed to set the optional Animator on the Player Settings in the PreFab. All good :) If someone wants to do the same, i'd recommend using a fully rigged Character with fitting Animations for all the motions, you co…
  • Make sure you thoroughly understand what's possible with AC and build your idea around that. Starting with simple interactions is always a good idea, Player has to find Key to open Door or something like that and slowly gaining traction, playing ar…
  • You have to set the Send message function to "Message to send: custom" there you call the script in this example "ThrowRock" (that is the name of the function in the script "public void ThrowRock ()"). And make sure the…
  • Can you post a Screenshot of your menu order? And what you are trying to achieve exactly, do you mean they are overlapping maybe?
    in Menu order Comment by snan February 6
  • I don't think the last digit matters much, i'm on 2021.3.15f and everything works fine with URP, but i think the latest of this version should be fine. Just install the recommended version in the hub, that should be 2021.3.18f right now. Sometimes …
  • Recommended to use it with the 2021 version, because other versions can change a lot and break assets.
  • Are you maybe missing the Collider on the Trigger and is the positioning correct? For a Player prefab to be able to detect Hotspots, they must be equipped with a Hotspot Detector. To make one, add an empty GameObject to your Player prefab as a chil…
  • Have you tried editing/sorting the order in the Menu Settings? PROTIP: When two AC menus overlap, their drawing order is based on their order in the Menu Manager: the bottom-most menu in the list will be drawn above all others. The one you want on…
    in Menu order Comment by snan February 4
  • Again what Rairun said, the Creator of AC has no knowledge of that and you shouldn't expect him to take time to look at a different (not AC) Asset figure stuff out FOR you, that is YOUR Job as a dev to figure out, if you decide to use different Asse…
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