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  • Thank you Chris. The first option did work with ease. I did look around about "sending messages" earlier but couldn't work it out. Eventually, I worked out how it should be applied after seeing your response.
  • Thanks Chris. I have got it now. Earlier, I was using curved track as I thought it was a circular object and was the most applicable for the situation. But, under your advice, the hinge track does the same if we choose the full angle. The snappi…
  • Ok, that would work in a 2D game. Not for 3D. Would you by chance have a PolygonCollider3D? My 2D picture (family portrait) is actually in the 3D game. Or is there another way of tackling this issue?
  • Super duper. Everything's working as expected. I thought I could leave out the unity third party integration component but it was necessary to move through planes (climbing stairs) and areas where navmesh are not created. All this mobile joysti…
  • Hi, The new motion control (Controller Interchange) script seems to work very well. It changes the animation settings from Custom/Manual to Mecanim/Auto upon hitting a hotspot and pathfind. However, when I move to a new scene and come back to t…
  • Thank you Chris. Working superbly now. The disable root motion didn't do the trick but the new script addition worked.
  • Ok fabulous Chris. Will try that out.
  • Hi, I have included the motion control script (named as Control Interchange). I can see in the animation engine changing from manual to auto and vice versa. However, the player object will not move along the path. It only moves when I change the …
  • Here's a screen-recording of my player.cs on and off and how it impacts the joystick controls or the pathfind.
  • Okay that's kind of working now. However, the left joystick is not moving the player. The right joystick is moving the cam beautifully. What it seems to be is the player.cs when its switched on, the left joystick doesn't work, however, the play…
  • Ok thanks for your reply. That sure does look cleaner to implement. I wonder where do I put this update loop in the player.cs? When I put that method (the above script) into the player.cs script anywhere, it doesn't recognise the characterAC sho…
  • I tried using the motion control tutorial. Not sure how I should call the VirtualButtons script to bridge/link it with AC's system. So far, I can play my game but it will only be one or the other. Need to link them together as I prefer to contr…
  • Okay thanks Chris will work it out using the Custom motion controllers.
  • Actually, it is first person game. I didnt change the camera setting to make it fps during the recording. Im using 3rdPerson + Fly(Mobile) asset. Without AC, it functions beautifully. When I start making a character with AC's wizard, this is w…
  • I have unlisted it. Try now.
  • Hi Chris, This video record will explain it better. Im using Unity v.2019.3.0f1 AC: v1.70.0
  • Hey Chris, please ignore the hotspot issue. Learned that, if the hotspot is behind any items, it will not come up. You need to have it "protruding" or positioned in front of other items to make it work. So, no glitch here. Just the capsule col…
    in Glitch? Comment by BTJH74 November 2019
  • Hi Chris, yes. I am referring to the tutorial. In fact, the hotspot is now showing if I create one from scratch. It is also showing in the game screen too. See screenshot. The actual hotspots and its action scripts are not really showing up in…
    in Glitch? Comment by BTJH74 November 2019
  • Super All working now. Much appreciated for your help and guidance.
  • Hi, I have used the sample script from the link you provided. No changes, just copy and paste. I get NullReferenceException error. I have attached the screenshots into imgur. I noticed thi…
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