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  • Alverik
    Hi, Snebjorn, just letting you know I've put your FinalIK script code into the newly created Adventure Creator Wikia. I've put your user name in the article (and Purpleshine's for his minor edit). Hope is not a bother. Anyways, happy developing!
    August 2016
    • Snebjorn

      I'm doing most of my development with Unreal Engine these days, so not as active on the forum as I used to be - but still keeping an eye on Unity. Version 5.4 seems to be a solid step in the right direction, so if they don't mess it up completely, I might return to AC in the long term.
  • Hi!

    I saw in a post in the forum that you used Crazy Minnow Studios:s Salsa for lipsyncing mixamo fuse characters. The thread was from last summer and I´m just wondering if you still recommend it or did you encounter some problems with it? 

    My game has been focused on text conversations but I´m planning on getting real voice-acting instead so I´m looking for possibilities to make that happen, the Salsa thing just seem to good to be true but maybe it is that simple and great?

    February 2016
    • Snebjorn
      Definitely still recommend it - it saves an absurd amount of time. Using it with fuse characters introduces some performance overhead because of the extra script (available as a free add-on), but I'm using it now with custom character models built from scratch.

      I warmly recommend it for any project that includes voice acting with more than a trivial amount of dialogue - hope to have a demo video up by mid March.

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