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First Person Camera Jitter on uneven Surfaces

Hi, i'm using the First Person Character from the Download Page and i've been getting Camera Jitters everytime i walk over an uneven surface. It occurs when the floor has a bit of structure like a sidewalk or terrain.

What could be the cause of this, and does anyone know how to solve it?

I've read that it could have something to do with Camera timings, but i haven't been able to solve it.

Thanks in advance


  • What are your AC/Unity versions, and what does the mesh look like for an uneven surface?

    The first-person download package relies on animation for the camera. Does the issue cease if you disable its Animator component?

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    My Unity Version is 2021.3.15f1 and the AC Version is 1.76.1

    You are correct, the Issue doesn't occur, when the Animator component is deactivated.

    Mesh looks like this:

    But it's any uneven surface, e.g. when lowering or raising Terrain.

    I've read that it could have something to do with the Update Functions but i wasn't able to solve it.

  • Go to Project Settings > Physics then set Default Contact Offset to a lower number. Mine is set to 0.00001

    This basically makes the contact between rigidbodies and colliders much less sensitive.

  • If the Animator component is a factor, re-enable it and keep its live Animator window open. When the issue occurs, what are the parameter values / transitions like?

  • Thanks for the suggestion, i've set the Default Contact Value but it didn't change it.

    It seems to be the Animator because the Values Jump Back and forth wildly.

  • Also is the same when using the "Built In" Headbob method

  • Thanks for the details.

    Would it be possible to PM me a sample scene (+ associated model assets) so that I could recreate the same setup on my end?

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