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Hide UFPS HUD and Crosshair on Adventure Creator

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I just made a pause menu using Adventure Creator! Yay! Now I really want to know how do I get to make the UFPS HUD and Crosshair be disabled/hide when I go pause, because it is displayed when I pause.


  • Welcome to the community, @paulbarcos.

    AC's UFPS integration is done via the UltimateFPSIntegration script, which is isolated from the rest of AC so that it can be duplicated and amended if need be to suit your own needs.  I don't know the exact UFPS code to show/hide the HUD, but it should be a case of writing it in the Update function:

    if (KickStarter.stateHandler.gameState == GameState.Paused)
      // Hide the HUD
      // Show the HUD

    I will look into this myself as well, as this may be beneficial to others as well.
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    Thanks for the reply Chris! Though I have 3 questions:

    1. Can I work simultanoeusly with PlayMaker + Adventure Creator + UFPS? Can you give me the basic  workflow on how do I do that? So basically, I will call the methods of the two which is AC and UFPS and PlayMaker will be my threading machine which will help it connects together?

    2. Can I implement that code using Playmaker? As I've said. Get the methods from the UFPS and AC and join them using PlayMaker states/FSM

    3. Is there an Adventure Creator Integration for PlayMaker. UFPS and PlayMaker does have where i will just import them, UFPS and AC also have these but none for PM + AC?

    Sorry for the troubles, It just bothers me that I don't have answers to these questions.
  • I haven't tried working with all three assets together, and all three are so complex it's difficult to answer.  The included UltimateFPSIntegration script really is your best bet to begin with - the way the two link together is quite specific, and hard coding it is the best approach.  I don't know what your coding experience level is, but if you open up the script you'll see that its commented and should make sense in terms of how it works.

    So far as implementing that into PlayMaker, well, that's probably best answered by the PlayMaker team - though others on this forum may well have experience in doing this, so we can see if anyone wants to contribute their knowledge here.

    AC does have PlayMaker support - see Section 12.1.  You can link AC variables to PlayMaker ones, and call FSMs within AC's Actions.  However, you really want AC to handle its own thing rather than have PlayMaker try to control it.  If you'd like to be more specific about what it is you'd like to achieve with the two assets, I may be able to give more detailed advice.
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